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DETROIT, MI – This will be the biggest PSL game this week for sure, MLK (2-0) vs East English Village (2-0). East English has been playing with a chip on their shoulders, while King has been welcoming all challengers. King has a host of ballers; Armani Posey, Donnie Corley, Marty Calloway, Ambry “Primetime” Thomas, Cepeda Phillips, and LaVert Hill, just to name a few. East English also has a host of ballers; Lindrell Mitchell, Chauncey Golston, Delvin Washington, Nate Boleware, Cedrick Lattimore, Emani Mason, and etc.

The last time these two teams met was in 2013, and King pitched a 6-0 shutout over East English Village. And in 2012 East English Village beat King in a shoot out 34-26. This game will be a low scoring affair like in 2013, the winner of this game will be decided with seconds left on the clock.

East English Village @ ML King  Friday 9/11  5pm: KING by 1



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