July 16th, 2016

DETROIT, MI – Were you in attendance at Saturday’s Youth Benefit football game where the Motorcity Wolverines played the Eastside Raiders? If not then you missed a treat.  This was probably the largest crowd ever assembled in a youth football benefit game in Detroit.  President and Vice President Rodney Reynolds and Jameel Gardner from the Wolverines and President Dwight Brown from the Raiders ‘hit the jackpot’.  There was a constant flow of people entering from the start of the Flag game (2pm) to the end of the A Team game (8:30pm). It was crazy packed! It appeared that they made a lot of money on ticket sales and the gate entry. There was an estimated crowd of 4,000 people in attendance. 

The Eastside Raiders have always been a top notched football organization. Some might have expected the Raiders to win all 4 games easily, however that was not the case. The Wolverines D Team won 28 – 6, Raiders C Team won 14-6, Raiders B Team Won 20 – 12, and Wolverines A Team won 30-0. So it was a split 2-2. 

Most noticeably, it is apparent that Reynolds has re-established himself as one of the Detroit PAL league’s top youth football minds. His idea of changing from the Tigers to the Wolverines has created new enthusiasm in Detroit PAL.  It was a very smart move on his behalf because of the momentum coming from Ann Arbor with Coach Jim Harbaugh. 

You would have thought that Reynolds would have faded away in the sunset after 150 volunteer coaches, staff and players left him and the Tigers organization in 2014.  No other President or youth organizer could have sustained such a blow. In two short years, he is back on top!

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